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LEGO 7143 - Star Wars Jedi Starfighter TM, 138 Teile
LEGO Star Wars 7142 - X-WING FIGHTER von 2002 - Classic
Lego Star Wars 7201 Final Duel II von 2002
Lego Year 2002 Star Wars Series Movie Scene Set # 7201 - FINAL DUEL II with Walkway on the Second Death Star Plus Luke Skywalker as Jedi Knight, Imperial Officer and Stormtrooper Minifigures (Total Pieces: 23) by LEGO
Lego Bionicle Bohrok Nuhvok (GREY) #8561
Lego Year 2002 Galidor Defenders of the Outer Dimension Deluxe Series 9 Inch Tall Figure Set # 8313 - NICK with Power Wings Equipped with 2 Missiles (Total Pieces: 15) by Galidor
LEGO 8560 Technic Bionicle Pahrak (41-teilig)
LEGO 4456 – Figur Arzt im Beutel ohne Öffnen (Förderung von Coca-Cola für die WM 2002)
Lego Bionicle 8553 Pahrak Va - Bohrok Va by LEGO
Lego Year 2002 Star Wars Series 12 Inch Tall Droid Set #8012 - SUPER BATTLE DROID with Movable Arms and Legs Plus Arm Guns (Total Pieces: 381) by Star Wars

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A look through a LEGO catalog from 2002

2002 Lego-sets

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ALL LEGO Star Wars sets overview! (2002-2004)

2002 Lego-sets

Here's my thoughts on every LEGO Star Wars set, from 2002 to 2004. We start with the release of Star Wars Attack of the Clones, but there's a lot of original trilogy things here! In this video, the sets I take a look at are... 3219 Mini TIE Fighter 7103 Jedi Duel 7113 Tusken Raider Encounter 7...

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LEGO Star Wars 7143 Jedi Star Fighter Review! (2002)

2002 Lego-sets

An awesome fan, GreedoTheLEGO, sent me the 2002 LEGO Star Wars Jedi Starfighter set af part of my MandR Mail series! Thanks to him, we get to review this 15 year old LEGO set! It includes the yellow Obi-Wan Kenobi as the lone Minifigure in the set as well as an R4 headpiece to go on the ships win...

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