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Kurt Smoking Gymsack Black Certified Freak
Kurt Smoking Hooded Sweater Black Certified Freak-L
Kurt Smoking Sweater Black Certified Freak-XXL
Kurt Smokey Eyes Gymsack Black Certified Freak
Blackhawk. Advanced Tactical Knieschoner V.2, Kinder, schwarz
Kurt Smokey Eyes Sweater Girls Black Certified Freak-M
Kurt Smoking Sweater Girls Black Certified Freak-XL
Kurt Smokey Eyes Sweater Black Certified Freak-XXL
Kurt Smoking Bag Black
Certified Freak Kurt Smoking Tanktop Girls Black M

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Black Pepper Gun Top Tests

Testing a Semi-Automatic Pepper Spray Gun

Black Pepper Gun

Brian and Jason heard there was a gun that shot pellets that explode into a cloud of pepper spray, so obviously their first idea was to shoot it near and at each other. Want to help support The Modern Rogue? Go to now and get your first month of the club for...

Tags: the modern rogue,brian brushwood,jason murphy,gun,weapon,salt,salt supply,pepper spray,pepper pel...

JPX: The 400 Mile Per Hour Pepper Spray

Black Pepper Gun

Myself and Jesse from Forest City Tactical pledged that if we raised $1,000 dollars by August 23, we would take a JPX hit after an MDFI class we were attending. Well, we raised the money, so here is the JPX. The JPX is the most functional and powerful hand-held OC delivery system available toda...

Tags: Pepper Spray,jpx,pepperblaster,peppergun,self defense,best pepper spray,oc spray,mace,brian terry...

Mace Pepper Gun Demonstration and Review

Black Pepper Gun

I am solidly impressed with this pepper spray gun. Initially I thought it was on the gimicy side, but I am sold after shooting it's inert cans onto face sized targets. If you'd like to help out my channel, just shop on Amazon. Don't see what you need, just search ...

Tags: Firearm (Sports Equipment),gun,less,lethal,taser,pepper,spray,pepper spray,self defense,demonstra...