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National Geographic Uncle Milton Critter Catcher Bug Vakuum
Leistungsstark Handheld Bug Vakuum | Insekten Spider Catcher mit LED-Licht | M & W
Toysmith Bug Vakuum Set
serenelife pslibv20 Insekten & Bug Vakuum Sauger, Chemie-frei, Safe & Humane Pest Control

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Bug Catcher Vakuum Top Tests

What Happens When You Put A Spider And A Fly In A Vacuum Chamber? Will They Survive?

Bug Catcher Vakuum

In this video I put a spider and a fly that I caught in my house in my vacuum chamber. Insects are interesting to test in a vacuum chamber because they have an exoskeleton which can potentially save them from exploding in the vacuum chamber. Watch my test to see what happens. If they survive the ...

Tags: fly,spider,vacuum,vacuum chamber,hydraulic press action,insects,survive,Slow Motion,slowmoguys,ph...

Spider Catcher

Bug Catcher Vakuum Do you cower in a corner when a creepy-crawly sneaks into your home? Does someone else have to take care of the eviction operation? After listening to all your pleas for a much longer Spider Catcher, we asked the makers to increase the len...

Tags: Spider,Catcher,spider catcher,creepy crawlies,how to use,spiders,flies,wasps,woodlices,remove spi...

Giant Cockroach Vs Dyson DC59 Stick Vacuum (Warning DYC)

Bug Catcher Vakuum

Yucky giant Cockroach Vs my awesome Dyson DC59 stick vacuum. This time the Dyson animal head is used to suck up the nasty critter. No one likes dirty cockroaches spreading filth in the home, I have used my Dyson vac to suck up all sorts of nasties. It's better than bug spray. I just empty the cap...

Tags: dyson,bugs,dyson stick vac,pest control,dirty,yuck,scary,giant bug,giant cockroach,animal head,co...