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HEXBUG 415-4572 Nano Nitro, Spiel
HEXBUG 415-4574 Nano Nitro 5-pack, Spiel
Hexbug 501700 - Nano V2 Bug, sortiert, Elektronisches Spielzeug
Hexbug 50109801 - Nano Blister, Robotertierchen, Ab 3 Jahren, Elektronisches Spielzeug
Hexbug 501702 - Elektronisches Spielzeug - Nano V2 Neon Single
Hexbug 501704 - Nano V2 Glow, Elektronisches Spielzeug
Hexbug 501722 - Nano V2 Hive, Elektronisches Spielzeug
Hexbug 415-4573 Nano Nitro Glow in the Dark Elektronisches Spielzeug
Hexbug V2 Hurricane

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HexBug Nano V2 - Hurricane set - Black Hole - Detailed hands on review P/N: 477-2991

Hexbug Nano V2

Here is the New HexBug Nano V2 that can climb vertically. Reviewed in this video is the HexBug Nano V2 Hurricane Habitat Set. "The Ultimate Free Fall" I show all the component parts assembled and then I show you how easy it is to extend and change and grow this habitat set. This set contains: 1 ...

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HEXBUG Nano V1 vs HEXBUG Nano V2

Hexbug Nano V2

A simple conpairson video between the HEXBUG nano and HEXBUG V2. Hope you found this video useful.

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HexBug Nano V2 - Large Double Black Hole MAZE challenge - How many V2 bugs can solve this?

Hexbug Nano V2

Here I have created a maze challenge race for the new HexBug nano V2 to see if these new Hexbugs have the same ability to explore and hunt out every possible twist and turn. I particularly like the new Black Hole piece as it gives the HexBug three random directions in which they take. The 'Y' jun...

Tags: Hexbug,Hexbug v2,Robot (Toy Type),Nano set,bugs,robot bug,robot insect,bug,toy,nana,Nano,hex,hexb...