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Mace Pepper-Gun / Pfefferspray-Pistole / Reizstoff-Pistole mit Strobe LED-Blitzlicht - In Schwarz - Nachfüllbar - Made in USA
Mace Trainingskartuschen (Wasser) im 2er-Pack für Pepper Gun, 204020
Mace Holster für Pepper Gun aus Nylon, 203796
Mace Ersatzspray für Pepper Gun im 2er-Pack, 203795
2er Set Nachfüllkartusche für Mace Pepper Gun
Mace Pepper Gun -silver- Tierabwehr Pistole mit LED Blitzlicht inkl. 2 Kartuschen
Mace Pfefferpistole inkl. Pfefferkartusche und Trainingskartusche camo
Mace Pepper Gun - Pfefferspray Pistole schwarz Strobe LED + Holster
Mace Pepper Gun Strobe LED - Pfefferspray Pistole schwarz

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Mace Spray Gun Top Tests

Mace Pepper Gun Demonstration and Review

Mace Spray Gun

I am solidly impressed with this pepper spray gun. Initially I thought it was on the gimicy side, but I am sold after shooting it's inert cans onto face sized targets. You can find it on Amazon and other websites around the internet:

Tags: Firearm (Sports Equipment),gun,less,lethal,taser,pepper,spray,pepper spray,self defense,demonstra...

Mace Gun 2.0

Mace Spray Gun

Testing out the Mace Gun 2.0

Tags: Mace Gun 2.0

Testing a Semi-Automatic Pepper Spray Gun

Mace Spray Gun

Brian and Jason heard there was a gun that shot pellets that explode into a cloud of pepper spray, so obviously their first idea was to shoot it near and at each other. Want to help support The Modern Rogue? Go to now and get your first month of the club for...

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