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3 kg OSAGA Oxy Plus Fadenalgen Vernichter & Sauerstoffanreicherung
Oxy Plus Teichsauerstoff & Fadenalgenvernichter 1000g/25.000 Liter
Dr. Beckmann Oxy Magic Plus 1kg
Astonish Oxy Plus Mehrzweck-Fleckenentferner, 1 kg
Astonish Wäschekorb Mehrzweck-Oxy Plus Fleckenentferner Reiniger Wanne 2 Kg – ukb699
American Nutriceuticals - Oxy-Plus Colon Cleanser 75c by American Nutriceuticals
Astonish Multi Use Oxy Plus Laundry Stain Remover 1Kg - 37 Washes by Astonish
3x Dr. Beckmann Oxy Magic plus Pulver 1 kg - Extra Weiß-Kraft
2x Dr. Beckmann Oxy Magic plus Pulver 1 kg - Extra Weiß-Kraft

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Oxy Plus

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Astonish Laundry multi-use Oxy Plus stain remover

Oxy Plus

Oxy-plus is a powerful oxygen based cleaning agent that effectively removes stubborn stains and unpleasant odours. Oxy-plus can be used throughout the home, both indoors and out. CLEANING; everyday laundry,baby clothes, tablecloths, net curtains, sports clothes, towels and tea towels. SOAKING; He...

Tags: oxy powder,Astonish,laundry,cleaning,cruelty free,vegan,vegetarian,stain remover,washing machine,...

Axion Oxy plus (reclama, ianuarie 2007)

Oxy Plus

Axion Oxy plus (reclama, ianuarie 2007)

Tags: Axion Oxy plus (reclama,ianuarie 2007)