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WINGONEER 5PCS KY-019 5V Ein Kanal Relais Modul Board Shield Für PIC AVR DSP ARM für Arduino Relais
Kuman Relay Shield Module 8 Kanäle Relais Modul Brett 5V für Arduino UNO 2560 1280 PIC DSP AVR ARM STM32 Raspberry Pi DSP K30
WINGONEER 5V 2 Kanal SSR Solid State Relais Board Power Switch High Level Trigger für Arduino UNO Himbeer Pi ARM
Neuftech 2-CH 5V 2 Kanäle Relais Modul-Brett für Arduino PIC AVR DSP MCU Relais Modul
FengYun® 1 Weg 30A mit Optokoppler Isolationsunterstützung Hoch- und Low-Level-Trigger Relais Modul Relais Board 5V
SainSmart 2-CH 5V 2 Kanäle Relais Modul-Brett für Arduino PIC AVR DSP MCU Relais Modul
Boladge 5V / 12V 16 Kanäle Relais Modul Treiber Board Modul mit Optokoppler für Arduino Himbeer Pi 51 AVR ARM PIC (5V)
Sharplace 2 Set RPI 4 Kanal Relais Board Modul 5V Relais Schild Für Raspberry Pi
AC 220V Trigger Delay Digital LED Board Deaktivieren Timer Switch Relais Modul 1s-60s / 1s-5min Einstellbar,Direkt Ausfhur(1Zweites ~ 5Minutes)
5 V 2-Kanal-Relais Board AC 250 V/DC 30 V Verlängerung Entwicklung Modul mit Optokoppler Schutz für Arduino/DSP/Arm/Arm/MSP430, etc.

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Relais-boards Top Tests

Using Relays and Relay Boards with the Raspberry Pi


This video outlines how to use relays and relay boards to control large currents with the Raspberry Pi's.

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Controlling your lights with the Parallax Single Relay Board


Kevin shows you how the Single Relay Board (Parallax Part #27115) can be used to automatically control the lighting in your house. Visit the product page:

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Mounting the TRX selector and Antenna Relais Board (English)


TRX selector: automatic transceiver switch Antenna relay: for up to 3 KW antennas This video shows the installation of the two relay boards. The purpose of this development is to reduce the wiring costs for 4 transceiver connections and 3 antenna connectors to an absolute minimum. For more in...

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