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10 Real Life Web-Shooters You Won't Believe

Web Shooter Spiderman Real

In honor of the avengers infinity war, Here is 10 of the most game changing types of real life Web-Shooters I've found. [Skip to the list here: 1:17] Trying to sum up all the ideas we've had thus far and advancing the science behind web-shooters. If you have any suggestions for a Top 10 you wo...

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Real Spider-Man Web Shooters Part 3: First Prototype Test!

Web Shooter Spiderman Real

So Spider-Man Homecoming came out and I didn't quite finish in time, but here's Part 3 of my ongoing Real Web Shooter project! This is the first prototype, so it's clunky as h*ck but it's a start. Help Me Make More Awesome Stuff!

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Make a SPIDER-MAN Web Shooter That Actually Shoots Real Webs!!!

Web Shooter Spiderman Real

Web Fluid: Instagram: In this video, learn how you can repurpose a can of spray glue into a real Spider-Man web shooter. Best of all this device only costs around $15 to make. Now you can shoot webs just like The Amazing Spider-man or Spider-...

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